Get Involved

Volunteers with a homeless man
Volunteers with a homeless man

Here are some ways you can support the Manna Homeless Society:

1. Contribute Resources for our foodbank/care kits

If you have groceries, clothing, camping gear, or other resources you think we could use, we’d love to hear from you!
Please call 250.248.0845, and after you contact us, we’ll ask you to drop off your donations or we can arrange for pickup.

2. Contribute Your Time

Our society is completely run by dedicated volunteers, which means you can be confident that your donations go directly into improving the lives of impoverished individuals in our Oceanside community. Our volunteers are passionate about maximizing the number of people we can reach and the amount of resources we can distribute. With your help, we’ll be able to continue offering dignity and hope to the impoverished.
Please call 250.248.0845 to express your interest in becoming a volunteer.

3. Make a Financial Contribution

We have been approved by Revenue Canada to issue tax receipts for all donations. You can donate through or simply write a cheque payable to:

Manna Homeless Society
Box 389,
Errington, BC V0R 1V0

4. Raise Awareness

Tell your friends, your office, school and church about what we do and what we need. Think they’d be interested in hearing more about us and becoming part of the restorative work we do? We just might be able to do a presentation. As our connections and resources grow – so will the number of brighter tomorrows!