Who Are the Homeless?

When you see a homeless person what do you assume? Most people assume that they deserve to be in their current position. That they're either a drunk or drug addict.

Increasing housing costs, the cycle of poverty, isolation, inability to access education, illiteracy, mental health challenges, physical disability, family dysfunction, social barriers: these are some challenges that people at the lowest levels of socio-economic status must face on a daily basis. People who have lost their homes can come from all walks of life; nobody aspires to be homeless. At Manna, we believe that each person is created in the image of God and has a unique purpose in life. We recognize the God given dignity of people, even when they feel at their lowest.

Myth Fact
“They like being homeless” 94% would love to have a home
“It’s their fault” Many are running from violent or abusive situations; many have lost jobs – all have lost their home.
“They’re lazy” Many have part time jobs or work trying to retrieve items we throw away.
“They’re crazy” Only 25% have a mental disorder; 1% need hospitalization – the rest could live a productive life if given assistance.
“They are substance abusers” Only 1 in 4 are and many became like that living on the street.
“They are dangerous” Actually, most are a very peaceful part of society. Rarely do you hear of a homeless person hurting someone. It’s usually the other way around, the homeless tragically are beaten for entertainment or sport.